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Learn the Art of Glassblowing!


Exceptional Tuition and Resumes is proud to now offer one-on-one, couples and small group beginner glassblowing art classes on the Gold Coast. Offered on behalf of EON Glassblowing, our new glassblowing classes are perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to try or experience the unique art of glassblowing.

During each class you will learn how to use the glassblowing torch and will be able to take home every piece you make with American master glassblower, Ian Murphy. Below are the different types of glassblowing art classes we currently offer:

Jewellery Class including a ring, earring pair and necklace ( 1 of each or any 3) $100 per person

Wine glass or Goblet Class $150 per person

Sculpture Class $150 per person

Tea light Lantern Class $150 per person

Marble Class $150 per person

3 pc. Tea set Class $250 per person

Intricate Vase Class $250 per person