Exceptional Tuition and Resumes - Who We Can Help

Exceptional Tuition and Resumes has a strong team of tutors from a variety of university backgrounds to help university students in a range of different sufind the appropriate academic journal articles to meet your minimum can be difficult. This is where Exceptional Tuitions and Resumes can help you. We can help students with essay and report writing, research skills and general tuition to aid you throughout your course and exam period. In addition to this, your tutors can help you develop key strategies and tips to assist in your future studying.

Students Returning Back to University After Completing a Trade 
If you have previously had a career in the trades and have just entered academic life at university, we can help you to overcome the daunting experience. Specifically we can help you to excel in assignments and survive university by:

Mature Aged Students
Heading back to university can present a range of challenges for some mature aged students, especially when coming from a working background. The difference between work and university can be difficult to transition into. Exceptional Tuition and Resumes can aid mature aged students in a number of areas including how to make your writing more academic in essays and reports,  researching and referencing, critical writing and essay structure.

International Students
Exceptional Tuition and Resumes offers English language support for international students,  study assistance and assessment help. We can help you will essay structure, proper grammar, sentence structure, addressing the topic and proofreading.