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Our Director

Exceptional Tuition and Resumes was proudly founded by award winning Gold Coast entrepreneur, academic, HR professional and careers speaker, Monique Jeremiah in 2010.  As a relationship 20130203MoniqueCorporate-4and results driven professional with an undeniable passion for education and employment, Monique started the company in order to help university students and high school students to achieve excellent results in their education and jobseekers to achieve a competitive advantage when applying for employment. Equipped with a Bachelor of Business (majoring in human resources and industrial relations), a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, a Certificate IV in Small Business Management and a qualification in OHS, Monique is dedicated to helping every client to achieving exceptional results, academically and professionally. During her professional career Monique worked as an academic tutor, business trainer and employment writer at various universities and vocational education companies within the business, employment relations department and multicultural divisions, along with working in the IBM human capital management division in Australia and overseas and managing several small businesses. Throughout her high school years, she won the top academic award of DUX in both 2009 and 2010 and was an academic scholarship winner. As a result, Monique truly understands the common and daunting challenges faced by students and jobseekers and therefore leads the team of academic tutors and human resources professionals at Exceptional Tuition and Resumes with the determination to help every client to excel in their education and employment.

To date, Exceptional Tuition and Resumes has been lucky to achieve the following awards and recognition locally and nationally:

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Our Mission

Achieving Exceptional Results

Exceptional Tuition and Resumes is committed to helping every student and jobseeker to achieve exceptional results academically and professionally.

Through hiring the most qualified, experienced, caring and high performing tutors, we endeavour to match compatible tutors and students together to bring out the best in both personal and academic performance.

Exceptional Tuition and Resumes intentionally hires only highly qualified and experienced resume writers who hold relevant Bachelor level qualifications in human resources, business management, industrial relations, employment relations and psychology and are experienced in multiple forms of employment and marketing writing to develop our employment documentation for our jobseekers. Each writer is also personally trained and mentored by the director to ensure consistency in employment applications and the highest level of customer service.

Giving back to the Community

Exceptional Tuition and Resumes is proud to be an advocate and leader in the ever changing education and employment industry in Australia. Therefore as a company, we are a keen supporter in the development and career success of high school and university students and we endeavour to offer multiple employment opportunities for students seeking career development at an early stage in their careers. We are also open to sponsoring various community and business events which impact students and jobseekers as it is our overall goal to boost academic performance and career prospects.

We are also proud to be keen supporters of Griffith University as the university has supported our growth over the years and we wish to back those who back us.

Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional Tuition and Resumes is dedicated to ensuring that all staff members, students and jobseekers are well taken care of from start to finish. Therefore we hold the strong belief that people are our greatest asset and therefore we endeavour to show appreciation in all of our business activities.